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Taking Care Of Business

Compare these health and beauty aid kits with your complexion/skin, as well as,  hair products that you have and I think you will find that you will be more satisfied with these products than any other.. to gain more information about these  products as well as other products for your skin, hair and complexion check out this book...because your hair is just as necessary as your skin,the products for your hair texture are very important. You know that in the brisk winter and cold your hair will be damaged, also. The hair conditioners help the frizzes and dead ends, but the hair moisturizers is what I recommend to help keep your hair healthy . Vitamins are important for your skin and hair, so don't forget them.

Foliage In Tennessee:My TripTo Knoxville

We are planning a  trip to Knoxville,Tennessee this weekend and boy am I looking forward to this trip.You know that football isn't  the only thing that is nestled up there in those Tennessee Hills, have you seen the Fall Foliage this time of year? It is a trip worth taking just for the beauty of it. The leaves are bright orange and yellow with a touch of reds thrown in there. It is a sight to see for sure. Don't forget your camera and cell phone accessories and your binoculars to see all that your eyes can take in at one viewing and afterwords try to catch the VOLS putting on their show....Whether its the foliage or the game you travel to Knoxville for it is well worth the ride.....

Things  I take on my trip

.Lets Travel
Camera & Accessories
My eBooks & accessories


It's football time folks and you know what that is also Fall !!!! are you ready? Let's see what do we need to do to get ready for this beautiful fall day....we need to dress for the day in comfort at the game or even if you're watching from get out your favorite Jersey NCAA Mens 16 Manning Orange Tennessee Volunteers Alumni College Football Game Jersey M from your favorite team of course and the snacks that go with anything!!! Goooo Team!!!


L➿k what's coming!!! Yay!!! This all new FIRE HD 10 with full display It is designed for wide screen entertainment. I know that I have a Fire HD 8 and I can hardly wait to change over to the Fire 10 HD. The 10 HD has a 10 hour battery life and it is the only Fire Tables that has "always listening" capacity

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New season, new clothes... lets get started....

This is a casual printed Talullah 3/4 sleeve shirt that is worn off the shoulder or paired with any or all of your casual jeans or slacks and even leggings!!
This straight shirt hem is for comfort. The material is 100% Rayon.... BUY FROM AMAZON.COM

2LUV Women's Stretchy 5 Pocket Dark Denim Skinny Jeans

70% Cotton, 28% Fiber, 2%Spandex
These jeans have that little bit of stretch in them just enough to be confortable. east to wear. ankle length


These are four products that I recommend for your skin care and one to help relieve back pain cream by rubbing it on the area that hurts. It is an assortment of products that I have picked out and these are only a few compared to the many that are available.