Did you remember your vitamins Staying Healthy today? The reason for asking is because the season is upon us for colds and flu's and we need to be prepared....The children have gone back to school and germs Germ-X Antibacterial Soft Hand Wipes Singles, 100 Count will be spreading like crazy, so keep your immunity system strong by eating healthy and exercising and plenty of rest...some people say that they already have their vaccinations for the winter and if that is what you choose then that is good but you still need to take your vitamins, eat healthy,exercise and get plenty of rest. Live good lives!!
There are so many controversial stories Living With Vaccinations going on about vaccinations  that I think if we just stay healthy all year then we wouldn't have to be too concerned about the vaccinations!!!! However, it is always best to get all of the information that you can before making those kinds of decisions...


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Jeans For My Guy

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I watched a friend of mine with PTSD get so down that he wanted to kill himself. Friends out there I am here so if you need to talk to someone then let me help you.You can email at anything you have going on. I can help research for you to get you some help where ever you live. Nothing is to great of a situation that I can’t help direct you.


Don't you just love it when you go shopping and all you find are TINY,SKINNY things hanging on the racks? Well, Baby Girl I feel your pain. I have gone through this my entire adult life and that is why I like ordering online for my clothes. I like Romans,Amazon, Zulily and there are others as well,but my favorite are Amazon and Romans because their Tunics fit perfectly. My waist is long and I have a hard time finding tops that are long enough for me, with these two shops they have been perfect every time, however, if you do find something that you need to return,both have and excellent return policy.

My pink crocs. Everyone needs some crocs. I have worn these things in my yard and shopping and everywhere I think. They come in a dozen different colors and are very cost efficient.

I saw a funny on Facebook that read:
I am pleased to say that I can still fit into the same size flip flops as I did  in high school. FUNNY,FUNNY!!